The strength to carry on

You need not be a river
to carve the grand canyon.
You need not be the assailant
to break free from pinion.

Condemn not yourself for living alive
for the varied reason you choose to die.
Think not solely of yourself, there are
others who wish to see your smile.
Do not look left at how far,
but look you've come how far.

All you need is a beating heart,
lungs that breath in healthy air,
eyes that see and can fix a stare,
ears that can listen to works of art,
skin that empowers your body and soul.

All you need is a will to live,
and you will live to decipher all quandary.

Remember the clouds above still sail,
the ground below you still shifts.
The heart within you still beats,
the strength within you still lifts.


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