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I may or may not delete this blog,
it all depends on how I feel,
however if you think I'm a snob,
then I'm sorry you judge by the reel.
All my thoughts are muddled in a fog,
as muddled as it is, I've written it down!
By and by I've found it again,
and oh boy it gave me a frown.
Looking back at all my pain,
seems like now I deserve a crown,
then yet again no pain no gain,
I'll change myself this time around.

What you read before this post,
is definitely true,
but what's past is past,
so just let it through.
I'm not who I was,
I don't need to convince you,
Now if only just...
oh never mind it's cool.

Evidence are there but it may stay there,
you can read it most everywhere,
it's expired, dead oh useless I say! 
So if you're my true friend, you would stay.
This blog is based on indirect proportions,
it's corrupted, profane, obscene and disgusting,
so if you would read, read on with caution,
because this blog is definitely not for reading.

Oh how ashamed I am of myself,
it seems like I was such a fool,
then again teenagers are clowns,
so please there is no unwritten rule.

Judge me if you may,
but that's no longer me,
this is the last I'd say,
before I set you free.

Thank you