Daily Bugle: A year older

Today,I turned 15. Well, not so special. 15 years ago my mother was in pain. I thank my parents for raising me up to this step and many more days to come.

Dave , Faddi and Jasilah shared the same birthday as me.

I'm really glad, some people actually remembered my birthday, WITHOUT facebook. While others don't remember my birthday. It's kind of a good way to separate good friends from just friends.

LEE . yesterday he gave me a bunch of chocolates, like he has always did. Today, he presented me with a Phillips light weight headphone. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all this time he tried to care. Honestly, I have nothing in return. I have no money, I have nothing , I just know how to play piano. So if you're reading this, thank you very much Lee.

SHEENA. She bought me edible gifts. Chocolates and Cola Drops. How magnificent.

CHARLENE. She got me a wrist bangle. A starry eccentric bangle. Excellent.

Gifts don't matter to me, what matters actually, is if you care or not.


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