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Daily Bugle: Not again

Everytime I see this blog update thing, I just get really really lazy to blog. It's like, I've settled everything I want to say in my mind, prepared to type it out  and when this page loads, everything just falls to the drain. Oh wells, atleast its not happening now. I'm updating aren't I?

I also get really annoyed with the red underlined words in my text editor. It's spelt correctly but why the fuck is it still red lined? Same goes to the green lines. Its grammatically correct but its still greenlined. I don't mind purple lines. Their cool, have you ever seen purple lines?

I guess you're reading this not for me ranting,but for me to say something interesting. I guess the main reason I got over Pauline real quick, is because of another girl. She's been there no matter what, and I kinda miss that feeling. To be cared for day and night. She also makes me smile and brings light into  my life. Well, I've been wanting that months before my relationship ended. I guess I found it. But I just don't know if I should go ahead and take hold of the chance. I've learnt to see endings before the beginning starts. Honestly,  I don't know how this would end if it started. All I can say is, it would be alot and alot of problems in the beginning. She's like sunshine that surrounds me. Tho she's overseas currently, I just feel this really strong connection.

I don't think anyone reads this blog anyways. I'm coming to feel I have a sense of direction in life now after the ending. I feel more awesome. No really. I feel much more at ease than before. And my worry list has just been lifted.

Maybe things in life are starting to get together for my side. I've always been treated unfairly from the start. Maybe its my turn to get my fair share. I don't know,maybe its just a start for me to fall real deep. But it doesn't matter, now I"m ready for whatever that comes my way. I'll catch anything thrown.

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Evening edition: Back in the game

That's right, I'm back in the game. Since June 21st. I'd thought I'd let everyone know that its official. Me and Pauline has just ended for reasons I will not disclose.

I would generally expect a really hard time getting over this. But I think the present me has learnt to let go and be positive so much more then the past me. I also have to thank a lot of people, whose been there to support me and to cheer me up. I should thank Sheena wee and Charlene Lau for this really cute letter.

I would also like to thank Chen Ruoh Lin, for giving me support right from the start, till the end and till today. Basically, she has been a really good pain killer.

I would then like to thank my awesome peeps, who are too much to list. But you guys know who you are ;D

Don't worry guys, I'm shaken but I haven't fallen. I've never expected that, but it was imminent. Is it possible to say you didn't expect something you saw coming?

I just notice how everyone is so much nicer when you are in need. It really do comes to show how sometimes people are really taken for granted. Nevertheless, it feels good to be cared once in a while.

It's been my fondest memory, but it's time I let it go. I don't need it anymore.


Ps. My blogskin just died. No ruler plate ):
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Evening edition: Consolations

So I've been recently too lazy to rant at all in My Indirect Proportions. It's supposed to be a scrapbook of all my thoughts. I've been reading through and its more crap than scrap. Well crap IS scrap right?

If you haven't already realize, LAZINESS KILL. It will one day kill each and everyone one of us lazy asses . I can't seem to stop being lazy. I've been sentenced to laziness. But I've finally got enough will power to push it aside for awhile.

I find myself rather similar to Franz Liszt.Don't get me wrong, I mean not in a sense of virtuosity. I mean in a sense of life. He loves a woman who doesn't love him back. He believes if what he plays comes out from the heart, it sounds good no matter how dissonant it is. He daydreams alot. He breaks a lot of rules. He depicts himself as a rockstar. I really really idolize Franz Liszt. I can't imagine the sense of virtuosity just thinking about what it's like to sit all day composing in a room.

Well, I couldn't imagine,because I haven't imagined. I've been thinking alot. Thinking of all the same stuff. BUT in new light. There is always things you can never see the same way again, if you see it in a new way. That's exactly what I did. And most of the dark thoughts went away. It gave me new strength.

Lemme tell you, 5 slices of pizza, 5 pieces of chicken, two cups of fizzy drinks,one cup of root beer float. Recipe for bloatiness. I've never seen yousof THAT bloated before.

I really have nothing much to say. Notice this post has been written in paragraphs. Each paragraph is a different story. Its up to you how the whole thing is connected. But it IS connected.


I won't be posting Ophelia anymore. Because it has been posted in here.
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Evening edition: Back in Brunei

A detailed account of the events following from Friday 4th of June till today.

I woke up at 4 Am and as expected, the sky was dark. All luggage were prepared and we dressed up ready for the road trip to KK. My mind was still hazy and I was playing my Upright Piano for the last time I would in three days.

As we waited for my aunt to arrive and pick us up. Once here, we loaded the car and my dad took drivers seat. We were quickly on our way to KK.We first headed for the Kuala Lurah immigration and following a series of check points and towns. The sides were large barren greenlands and palm oil plantations could be seen everywhere. Occasionally there were tall hills or bleak stone and trees would dot it.

When we reached there, I stopped for practice. Shortly afterwards we headed to our hotel to check in.

You know what, this is crap, why go through all the trouble to tell you the trip??

I'll tell you, I was awarded a gold, a bronze and a silver. Sutera harbour is an amazing hotel! The view of the ocean was just too picturesque.

Today, for Sarjana got Talent, after a very last minute preparation for our presentation.Guess what? WE WERE CHAMPION.

That means. Pizza party!

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Daily bugle :mobile post

Yow people. Im off to kk. Like right now. So im just Blogging. I guess this post will end here.
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Evening Edition: About to leave

So I'm just packing up my stuff, on the way to leave for KK. It's a road trip, its going to be so long in the car. Fun part is I'm sharing car with cousins!

But going to be noisy as hell. We'll leave at 5.30 AM tomorrow (3rd of June).

I"m excited. Not a single hint of nervousness in me. I'm typically exited about this competition. I do not know why. I'll be missing some Sarjana got Talent rehearsals. But I can always improvise :P .

Anyways, I shall update when I am back!

The tenth verse of Ophelia:

 He wishes to know and wishes to hear,
what ophelia herself would try to say,
but all she would do was bring him to tears,
it doesn't matter to him for its a fair price to pay.