Kristine Claire "Kay Cee" Galano

A young girl , 10 years of age. Extremely talented on the violin and is currently working to a diploma. ( remembered I said I went to watch her? Well I was sitting with her for theory today)

She has a dark complexion, Hispanic. She had thick lips and a slight over bite. She had a long face and tied back hair and she was rather thin. She had dark melancholic eyes and a button nose.

She had a smooth and angelic voice, just like her violin. I wonder if its something god did. She's  a very quiet girl and hardly smiles.


The fifth verse of Ophelia:

Just like a rose, her thorns were many,
her beauty was also just as strong,
the resemblance of a rose was definitely quite uncanny,
but what she's done could be mistaken for wrong.

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