Night Show:"Le Conzert C'est moi!"

Look at these fearless bastards. I wish I could do that. It's definitely in one of the things I have to do before my life ends. In life, its all about taking risks. So far, in my life, I'm about to take the biggest risks. I'm about to risk my future for a music career. I'm about to risk my love with the world's most unique person. I'm about to step in to the unknown. My time is running out, I wish she could know that. I wish she could cherish the mere minutes I have with her.

As you can see, I'm a chopin-ist. I've yet to buy the mazurkas, waltzes, concertos , sonatas and more. He's so lyrical. He conveys the message of music and the message of the piano. He's definitely one of my favorite composers.

Statue of Chopin
From his music, one can tell he had a rather depressing life. His music were filled with romanticism and sorrow. Such a romantic style can't be found anywhere or similar to anyone else. It's Chopin, he can make you smile while crying. That's how powerful his music is.

liszt concertizing
But Chopin's showman ship can't be matched upon Liszt's. Liszt made women swoon. Liszt made gorgeous woman throw themselves upon his feet......and other parts of his anatomy.

Words, they're dirty. They're untruthful lies. They're uncountable. They cannot be  trusted and they cannot be kept. That's why we have music. Because music can explain what words cannot. Music can demonstrate what words cannot. Music itself remains beautiful, when describing ugliness.

If you're wondering. My favorite piece now is a tango. Its Piazzolla. Oblivion. It makes me cry. It means alot to me. It reminds me of her. Its the only friend I've got relating to my misery. I cannot imagine what life would be without her. I cannot imagine what life I would have without her. I cannot imagine, what life I would have, if I hadn't touched the piano. Its fate.I trust fate. I believe in fate.

She treats me coldly sometimes. I bear with it. I think myself lucky to be able to have someone like her. It kills me a little everytime I overthink. I've been overthinking less. Thanks to this blog. It's like a seed for me. To grow my thoughts. To harvest them at a later date.

My life now, I love it. I appreciate every single thing I have. I don't hate anything. I have computer, clothing, food, transport, aircon, everything not everyone wished they could have.  I've a supporting family, wonderful friends, a great talent and an amazing girlfriend. I couldn't ask for more. Couldn't ask for more....but time.

It sucks to see some people complain about life. Like how they hate tomatoes and throw it out. Like how they hate vegetables and throw it out. Some people don't appreciate what they have, they don't realize what people don't have. Our earth is dying. We're here driving around in luxurious conditions contributing to pollution. I've no idea what the future holds.

Pauline, if by any chance you read this. I miss you. I see you everyday, yet I miss you. Your care and everything. I miss you.


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