Before Sunrise: Song without words

So last night I wrote a poem (that doesn't really rhyme) without a single verb! Well I think its technically correct.

"There is a girl, she has a beautiful smile,
She has long wavy hair and eyes of the wild.
Every single minute, she's always on my mind,
Every single day, in my heart is where she is.
A long time ago,we're both only strangers,
now things are different,we're both already lovers.
Time, such a fast thing it is,
by the next second, no more, that's what it is.

Like a rose that has much thorns,
pain and despair will be there,
however it has impeccable beauty,
one that is definitely desirable.

She is my world,she is my life,
both of us we're like a knife.
Problems are no more,
when it itself is such a bore.

This beautiful girl, that of mine,
she is a woman who is incredibly fine.
Forever more she is my love,
we're like a pair of birds, maybe a pair of doves."

I guess that's right. Doesn't really rhyme, doesn't really makes sense. But whatever. I forget what the structure is called. Stuff without verbs, hmmm. It was mentioned OMG-Facts! before.

Sometimes our minds are like water. Its best to leave it calm. I guess that's me. You  either ripple it in a nice wave , or you get swish-swoshled around. 

June is coming, I'm not actually feeling the pressure, but I can see the urgency of this KK music festival. I can see how I'm not playing that at all well, I can see how I haven't even finished learning my toccata! AND I HAVE To achieve all golds. Pressure? I don't think so.


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