Before Sunrise: Manners, Manners

What is with our younger generation?! They're so fucking rude. I mean, the way they treat everyone but their friends like rubbish. Sometimes, their rude even to their friends!

One day after my school practicals. Which was around 4.30 PM. Me and my friends were just at the front office benches sitting around. Just so happen our faces were tilted to the direction of the entrance to the office. And a bunch of kids came out. I don't know what the hell they did, one boy was injured.You know how the fuck they respond?

They flipped us the middle finger and said "Fuck you, Stop looking!"

Middle finger to you fuckers too!
First of all, how the hell could you get injured in school, during school hours? What the hell have you been doing? Why are there a bunch of kids following you? Are you that much of a pussy you can't go alone? I tell you, 6 kids were following this injured boy. ALL of them sweared at us for coincidentally facing the office. We wouldn't even look if you came out with the sign "LOOK HERE".

So I let go of that. ( well not really, I'm still kinda pissed). The other day after my practicals (practicals are afternoon and our juniors have school in the afternoon). I was just standing by the basketball court, then my sister ran towards me(she too lacked manners). She just slapped my stomach and said "Borrow lab coat! ". I'm not lending my lab coat to such a rude kid! Then she said "My friends need it! Give it to me!". Then her friend added "Yeah, Don't be such a spoiled person and lend it to her already!Be a good brother!"

Woah, woah, woah. Good brother? Be a good sister. Learn your manners. There something called "Please and thank you". You don't slap someone in the stomach to show that you want to borrow a goddamned coat!

And another day, when I have to go home with my sister. I was waiting by the fencings. My sister was there too and I asked one of her friend to come over (apparently it was her crush). I just looked at him. He started squirming and said "what?! I didn't do anything wrong! What the hell do you want from me? Leave me alone douche!"

The reaction of a thief. I didn't say you do anything wrong. He just failed the first test of manners. I want the fucking manners from you. Their so many instances similar to this. I can tell you, almost THE WHOLE LOWER SECONDARY is like that. Wait, THE WHOLE FIRST YEARS.

And my sister fucking date jerks! Stupid, unsociable, rude, unruly, short, irresponsible and ugly maniacs! The first one made her believe in UFO's , demons, spirits and all these supernatural bullshit. The second one made her believe that all Bruneians were Caucasians or something. The third one made her think that holding hands for three minutes, was one hell of an achievement!

Goddamn it! Immature brat. Holding hands for three minutes is not a goddamn achievement. You can hold anyone elses hand you like for three minutes! I have a girlfriend and I held someone elses hand so she'd feel warmer. I hold hands with girls and guys everyday. Is that an achievement?

The thing is, the statuses she put on facebook. "I would never let you go", " I just want to be with you" etcetc. THREE WEEKS LATER, she dumps the guy, and goes for another. And the same exact thing happens! Girl, keep your statuses to yourself , because it seems like nobody can keep it. I don't fucking care, we don't fucking care, if forever to you is three weeks, atleast respect yourself and stop embarrassing yourself in public.

Who am I to say right? I'm in a relationship too.I'm probably just as immature. But I respect love. I don't treat love like its something easy to get. The time period between my current girlfriend,and my ex. A year. A year before I promised myself not to be in a relationship till I grow older, and away from this country. But love had to hit, I was magnetized.

Don't people teach respect in school anymore?

My sister treats my parents with very little respect aswell. She laughs at all their scorn , ON PURPOSE. She make puns from their scorn, IN FRONT OF THEIR FACES. She pretends she's the perfect person and won't accept their scolding.

Our parents, they tell us many things. Its not always correct, but their intentions are 110% for our good. They want nothing else but for our happiness. Sometimes, they say things hard, and we can't accept it. I've learnt to accept everything they say now. Without scorn or hate.Maybe a few thoughts in my head, but nothing harmful.

I realized what they say, makes sense after a big mistake occurs. What they say, could save me from the next mistake I make. The problem is their presentation. They sometimes present themselves as hostile and sarcastic gods. I can't blame those who rebel against them. It seems unfriendly. But look through that, don't be shallow.

They said I rush. People said I rush. Teachers said I rush. Well let me tell you one thing, I don't like to rush, Infact, I hate rushing. I just like my things faster than normal.

So I was just talking with my parents yesterday, I learnt alot of weird facts about myself when I was a newborn!

  1. I was nearly born in my dad's BMW.
  2. I salivated a lot. On beach walks, as a breeze came by, it'd deposit sand all over my face.
  3. I like to poke people's noses randomly.
  4. I'd rock myself to sleep on a hammock if no one had the time to rock me to sleep.
  5. I rarely cried for attention.
  6. I didn't say bye to my mum on the first day of school!

When I was in elementary school. I was bullied alot. I was cut, bullied, harassed, sabotaged, threatened, extorted and used. It happened every week ,every year of my primary school. I resorted to books.

Now I could stand up for myself, and I resort to music.

Don't let people get the better of you, you have better things to do.


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