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Dear Dad,

I'm sick and tired of your nonsense and paranoid behavior. But everytime you do that, I tell myself to ignore it, its for the best.

I know what you're doing is for the best of me. Everything you do is for my future and everything you do meant no harm to me. But have you ever thought how much damage you've done to me?

You never care about my feelings. You  ask me for my opinion but bend them to make it yours. You force YOUR OWN expectations out of mine. YOU change my right thoughts to become twisted. All my intentions has become an act to please you. 

I don't hate you dad. I appreciate everything you do for me. You give me transport to wherever I need to do. You pay for everything I use. You buy me everything I need. You offer me everything you have materially. But material is not what I want dad.

You spend your money on things I don't even want. But you never spend your time to know me. And if I ask you, what exactly do you know about me? What will you say? How will you answer? Do you know me?

You think I'm doing everything in my power to go against you. What I'm doing is ,I'm doing everything in my power to stay out of your way. I try my best not to make you mad. You end up mad anyways. You rant about the smallest of non sense and bring up irrelevant problems and say how their connected.

I've two words for all you've done. FUCK YOU.

I'm sorry, but I can't stand it. The way you treat mom. Like your rag doll. You think the world should go in every way you say , you think and you do. You ask us to share our opinions, saying "its okay, we're family" and one sentence from us, you snap. You get mad. You get angry. Its ridiculous.

But I tell myself, you're my dad. I don't mind it. I deal with it. I move on. But your stuck on the same square bringing us all the time back to the very same square you mentally died on.

your son,