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Daily Bugle:I wish you were here.

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Maybe I should update more regularly since the exams are over. Oh well.

I really dislike rehearsals at the evening. I also regret participating in the rock concert. Oh well.

I shifted my hugh shelf that has a mirror next to my piano so I can see my self playing. Oh well.

Today is the last day of October. Say hello to november and goodbye to october. Oh well.

I"m going to miss seeing your smile. Oh well.

Every sentence ends with an "ohwell. Oh well.

Oh well,


Going to rehearsals today! In the Expression Music New branch in Rimba. I also heard news that Expression Music International has been registered in Singapore. Thats sort of good news.

I'll aim my 4000th tweet for you P. (:
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Daily Bugle:Orchestra Citta di Firenze

My exams are finally over. Two weeks of studying, two weeks of testing and now , two months of holidays.

I went to see Toyota Classics last night. With the Italian Orchestra Citta di Firenze.

Waiting in the car driving to the International Convention Centre. The night lights sort of synchronize to the Vanessa Mae CD we have in our stereo. Nothing else but that, and the sound of our car.

It was raining lightly and the splatters of raindrop seems like ice cracking. But the cloudless night sky made it seem like an impossible event to be raining. I was very excited for this is my first time to spectate a live orchestra. And from Italy!

We took the shutter service to the Centre as we waved goodbye to our parents who drove my sister and I there. People in black ties and coats and pretty dresses were everywhere. There was an old couple dressed like they were going to see a safari, but I guess its their way of interpreting music as exciting as a safari.

As we walked the red carpet, ushers in black coats greeted us good evening. Everyone was smiling. That liven up the mood of the evening. We took some pictures at the refreshment hall. It was a huge hall for just refreshments.

The orchestra was simple magical. Everything so together, so sound and so lively. The tenor was even more magical to be able to sing louder than an orchestra. Playing classics composed in Italy and some traditional Bruneian music arranged for orchestra.

Even the percussionist was full of emotions during the concert. Playing the triangle like it was a serious job. I took a picture with him and got his auto graph at the end.

AND ....

Today I took my Grade 5 Theory exam. It had such easy question. But I think thats because I did alot and alot of past years.

On the way back, the sky was like a still picture of godly clouds. Extreme details such like marble on one side and on the other, with proneness of rain. The sky is beautiful.Music Is beautiful.You're Beautiful <3

Come on,
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Daily Bugle:Daily Bugle


I am on the papers. Check it out ;D

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Daily Bugle: Pauline :In Art

This is  the photoshopped version of the sketch I made.

loving it,
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Daily Bugle:Pauline

I drew this portrait of Pauline Chen Yen Ning. 
Its the way I look at her smile.

Samuel Cho
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Daily Bugle:The Chemistry Practicals

Chemistry I
This kid must be retarded or something.

Today was an ok practical exam. I mean, what could be better than coming early to know that computer extra class was cancelled. 

This is how tired we were. Not, this is how tired zimi was.

Me and this asshole* over here did not had 
such a fun time in the science lab.

no shit,

*asshole=Azhim "Jim" Ghani

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Evening edition: In the Dark

Today as I was practicing piano. And Melody was speaking on the phone (for two hours already) , the electricity was cut. Inconveniently. At the same time my parents went out. Well I know how to put the power back on, but then, the dark was fun =D

The spot light effect. Since  I couldn't see the piano.

Sister stood on chair. 

Sister fit behind the space behind the piano. LOL

Lemme tell you for a while that dark is fun. But it gets annoying, you'll start to sweat, there'll mosquitoes. You can't take a shower (dark, not heater xD ) . 

play on,
Samuel Cho
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Evening edition:Energy Required for this post to happen

It is a very unfortunate thing that we are taking a physics test tomorrow. Because 10C did poorly. And its not even a retest. Its a test that will be averaged with our previous test.

This is how I look to study. Using computer, listening to mozart and doing studies. However , at some point I will quit studying and start to use the computer.

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Daily Bugle : =P you're pretty

I'm finally able to change my dates and everything else in blogger to english. Short update!

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daily Bugle: WAY DEAD AND GONE

Hello, I'm not way dead and gone. However, Yousof's tumblr is !

www.waydeadandgone.tumblr.com OR click here. 

His tumblr's awesome. I think, all black people tumblr are awesome. I don't even think black people have tumblr. HAHAHAH JK JK no racism intended.

His tumblr is full of random, funny and inspiring stuff. To anyone really bored, reading his tumblr will plaster a smile on to your face for the rest of the day.

Who's Yousof??

Yousof is a 100kilo of sudanese flesh whom is my classmate since year 7. We've been in B till today.

He's that big pile in the centre. This is his display photo pretty much in everything else but facebook.

keep tumbling forward,
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NightStuff: -P

This post is for you , if you know who you are =D

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Evening Edition: The Knowing.

Now , I know none of you actually like classical music. Or know what is classical music.

To tell you in summary, classical music is the origins of all music.

Every single piece no matter how complex and lengthy it is, contains a motive and a story. You might think its boring, sad, gay or whatever. But to every person, there will be one classical piece that touches your heart like no other music. Without classical music, there won't be pop, no rock, not even music.

Well,the movie The Knowing and The Fall features Beethoven's 2nd movement of the 7th symphony. Which to me, is really epic stuff. Check it out =P

feel on,
Samuel Cho