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Night Stuff:Physics Test

There's  friggin physics test tomorrow. I finished maths h/w and trying to study but YOUSOF just talks to me about maths. haiiiii

Then suddenly I turned on my mozart, and felt relatively smarter. I will ask Faiz in school.How smart is that? Proven: MOZART HELPS STUDENTS IN NEED.

My life is awesome. Now I know none of you is interested in this, but, dad's buying me an android and mom bought me antique sheet music.

The solo recital of mine in empire is confirmed, A november 30 during High tea. See you then. =D

Play on,
Samuel Cho.
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Daily Bugle:Evening Edition

Remember when I said I frozed a daisy? Heres the picture of it =P. Well the flower just blew in to smokes when it melted. So cool. I lost the insect Ice Cubes. It was too hazy to see through it anyways.

 My dad goes to Miri everyweek. And all the time he would tell me ,in the car, to look at these beautiful afterglows of the sun. I prefer the morning clouds and the rain clouds than the sun set clouds but they're all equally captivating.

 Passing by the bridge and taking a photo of the boats.
So elusive.
Now this one has to be awesome. Look at the clouds.
And the sun right in the middle of the photo.

My dad takes cool photos. But it takes the right time and right place to do so.
When I returned from KK, my mom gave me these books. Lang Lang's biography hand signed by him. So cool. =P 

It was a belated birthday present. Mom said the dealer was a bitch. 

Below is the lonely road to KK. Pretty cool if you ask me =P.

 I never noticed that this tree was heart shaped until Hazel noticed.
May said this tree look lonely. Ofcourse. There's only one heart.
 And also a long few weeks ago was Keasha's birthday party. Having the gig under the hot sun and all. Below is not an airfilled balloon. Its a  WATER BALLOON.
Me and yousof and Coana made it. (its that how to spell his name?)
We try to throw it but it explodes before it hits anything
and the water just keeps flying forward.

So cool.

Samuel Cho
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Daily Bugle:Not so Daily.

YAY! Internet is back. I can finally blog.

Today I caught this wasp-fly kinda thing. It landed first on liyana's head. Than Yousof took half its life away. I took it home and froze it =P. I've already frozen a daisy and a spider. Damn its cool! But I'm not a freak. Just recently I have the sudden impulses of freezing things. The creepier the cooler.

I just noticed that 15 pieces for my empire recital is not an hour long. So I listed the pieces to make it just a lil bit more than an hour. 26 pieces!So much. But who cares, its empire and I get to play the awesome Fazioli grand. Even tho its the lobby.

Freeze on
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Daily Bugle:Been a long time.

Its been a long time since I updated. Blame the fuckin internet. Wait.... its my modem that broke down......Blame something else.

I've been so busy lately. I'm going to have a solo recital in EMPIRE HOTEL in the end of November. How ever, its at the lobby.

I also will be trying out AGAIN for 2012 Newington Colledge in australia scholarship.

And I might attend a Piano Workshop at the end of the year. MAYBE even perform.

Next year I also might be going to disney land for a performance. SO MANY THINGS TO DO!

Luckily all there are not many new pieces to do and the pieces I'm doing are all old. Meaning I'm experienced with it.

So confused..

Try on,
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Night stuff: Back from KK

Alrighty, I've been back from KK a while already. But the god damn internet won't let me update. Gods' punishing me. But I got in anyways =P.

My results are very very Decent.

ONE bronze.......ONE silver....... and


I feel proud of it. New trophies to my collections. This trip was actually less boring than I thought. Red bull from Brunei to KK and Livita from Brunei to KK. I slept very little.

Alright. I'm going to explain the comments the Examiner gave SHEENA WEE on her piano exam. I know she understand most of it. But she asked me to explain all anyways. SO..

Lets see.....

Exam A1: Your performance was rhythmic and fluent, though a little inclined to hurry: keep it steady! You incorporated some dynamic variety, but too many notes were detached for a feeling of elegance.

-This one very straight forward. It obviously meant you kept the time and tempo correctly. And there was no stop. You probably rushed a little bit. Dynamic variety. Dynamics are like F, P FF MP and so on. Meaning you showed it in your pieces correctly. But too many notes were detached for a feeling of elegance, simply means you didn't connect the notes right and made it sound separate and removed the feeling of smoothness.


Exam B3: You chose a good starting tempo, but again there was a sense of rushing - and you shortened bar 20. However, dynamics were well done, and it had some character.

-Its the same thing here. But let me explain character. Character is a property of the piece of music in which the imagination is interpreted. So what ever you are thinking or imagining which is incorporated in to your playing is your character. (the examiner said it had SOME character, I'm guessing you had very little in others xD)

AND THEN......

Exam C3: The performance was reliable though lacking in enough detached articulation much of the time. However, it was rhythmic and expressive, and tempo changes were excellent.

-A reliable performance is a performance that can be relied on to check dynamics,expression and articulation. So it means you done everything correctly. Detached articulation is simply staccato. I guess you understand everything else.

Scales and arpeggios: You responded promptly and knew the notes, though confused fingering caused the occasional stumble today. Tune was firm & consistent. LH C Minor arpeggio was hesitant.

-Ehhhhhhhhhh, it is very self explanatory. 
p/s. I don't think it is tune. I should be tone. Tone means how secure your notes are and how well they are heard when played. Meaning all you notes had a firm and consistent intonation.

Sight-reading: The key was generally in place, and you read quite fluently. But a slower, consistent tempo would have enhanced it further!

-This one no need explanation. 

Aural tests: Uncertain but correct in A, sometimes approximate in B today. Good in C but an error (dynamics) in test D. 

-I doubt that you don't understand this. Lol

Sorry sheena for the really really long delay for this post. My internet sakai. + I forgot to save the draft.

Yesterday was keasha's birthday party. For the first time in my life i got sunburnt. But only at my feet. Strange.

I'm the dude with the bass next to the drummer. My feet got sunburnt because I was wearing slippers. And I got drenched completely in water. 

I karate kicked Iqbal but Azmi dumped the water on me.

Play on,
Samuel Cho

I'll update more frequently if the internet would stop bugging me. 

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Night stuff:The preparation, STOUT

Alright guys.Blogging from KK. Nexus. Awesome resort. Nice scenery.IT was a hell long journey here. Five hours of straight driving. not me ofcourse. My dad's driving. But i also get the share of red bull.

Food here is ridiculously awesome. Just like any state of malaysia.

Practiced in Room one and three. Nice rooms. But not allowed. Who cares.I practiced anyways. I feel good. To wish me luck. I'm drinkin stout from Guiness. Tastes like coke to me.

Cheer on,