Evning edition!

And to the left you will see the bottom of a zombie. Zombies are awesome! They strip!

I"m just joking. They're awesome, but  they don't strip. But the situation here is not stripping, these are hospital patients. And if you look carefully its LEFT 4 DEAD.

My xBox 360 has been gone for awhile and I haven't played Left 4 dead in awhile. SO SAD!

But whatever, zombies are awesome and will remain so in my heart.


Everyday I drink tea. Because my dad bought a hell loada teas. 

Sorry , my dad bought ton's of tea leaves***

So everyday we drink tea. Different , different, different kinds of tea.

As you can see, not only did he buy tea leaves, he also bought tea pots. Which looks like the one in hotels where did keep milk in to pour in to your tea.

Who keeps MILK in a TEA pot? 7 star hotels. 7 out of 5 stars! Dang! Ridiculous!

IT rained beautifully today. Although clearly in the picture its not raining. Trust me, it was raining. Sunny day, then all of a sudden, pitter patter. Rain! 

I'll also let you guys see how long my printed sheet music are. They're longer than my stair case. My stair case is around 14 steps! Only one song!

Alrighty !
Play on People
Samuel cho

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