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The daily bugle

Hey guys! Yesterday, The first day of extra classes.
So we didn't really study.
After I went to the mall ,to get something for someone.
After that,kelvin picked me and derrick up to starmaker.
Fluotone+The classroom Project=Awesome music ps. the vocals doesn't count
Yesterday was a blast.
Then today??
Today kelvin and qawiem got punished. For looking at teachers belly button and laughing.
We took down our monitor. That was fun.
I'm just doing a really really short post now.
Really really short.
By the way.
If you need The Classroom Project , you can always catch us.
IF you want Fluotone, you can always catch them.
If you want The Classroom Project AND Fluotone, then you're in for a sweet surprise.
We just need to workout who will sing and stuff.
Then we went back to the mall, not went home. THEN we went home.
So tired.
Classes now , In the morning, its like in the afternoon, only the night is changed to noon.
Theres a hell lot of mosquitoes today. The boys toilet in the last cubicle , was extremely shocking. Its like a swarm of mosquitos. That looks like black smoke.

Right, keeping it short.
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The evening edition.

Good evening guys, today is the not so last day of our term three. Thanks to swine flu, we have extra classes. So , did we celebrate ?

NO, ofcourse not, Its not really the last day. so why should we celebrate? Well we did eat some snacks in class and had cake for desert. BUT ITS NOT CELEBRATING!

The cake tastes great. (Y) It came from singapore, originally made in singapore.
Well, today , two girls came knocking at our door during maths, which is before break.
The two girls knock unusually. Hard and separate.
Then they announced the October 3rd , sounds of hope charity event.
T.Lai thought it was shit and said " Who knows what would have happened to you?Never join anything without a memo."
Well, it wasn't shit, because I'm one of the performers listed as "Local famous artist".xD


I had the weirdest dream ever. Its about escaping. Not really a dream, more like a nightmare.

Escaping yayasan lah.

Heres the thing. The school brought us for a feild trip to Yayasan because of an exhibition.
Then we saw the things and stuff, some future items.

Heres the story
We arrive there in the morning. I didn't know what time. All I know was it was in the morning.
Then we see all the exciting stuffs and all, then the sky turned dark. I think its night already.
But why am I not home yet?
So I wanted to escape that place.So I went to look for a fire exit.
Theres an elevator to the basement, and that could be my way out. The place where the elevator is dark , like office without light dark. Then I clicked the lift. Then T.Sabu appeared inside. He asked" Where are you going boy?"
I just said " Toilet." Then he disappeared ,and i went to the toilet. After washing my hands , I heard a flush, then T.Sabu came out , then came beside me , then disappeared again. I'm thinking the teachers are stalkers. Then I thought " Use the escalators".
So I ran to the basement floor escalator and a went down. The basement was an airport like place with long flat escalators. The place I'm at was covered with boxes , only up, no down.
Then I saw a student, wearing our uniform, untidy and looks like been through rough days, with a suitcase , coming up the escalator. Then I wanted to go down to find something that could get me out. Then T.Sabu appeared right at that time asking " Where are you going boy?"
I answered" umm.. My mom asked me to pick something for her"
He said " You can't go down,I want to see the instructions, if not no entry."
Then I said" Its a verbal instruction , the rest are in the computer. "
Then he disappeared. Then I saw a lot of CCTV's around the place , and I decide not to go anymore. So I went up, then I was about to go to another escalator upwards, but there was a shop open, and I was being chased at that time, by T.koh. I ran and ran, I thought he's going to follow me and catch me so I ran in to the shop. The shop sold racing cars. Then the door closed behind me. I turned , no one. I turned again , T. koh was there.
He asked "Where are you going boy?"
I said " This is my uncle's shop, Johnny , correct?"
Then he disappeared and the door wasn't there.
So I went out. And look at the shop. The shop wasn't selling racing cars anymore. It sold ink.
So I went up the escalator and turned around, on the opposite railing, I saw T.koh watching me.
After going up , I looked for another fire exit. Then I saw two, side by side. The second on was lower and had a Wall-E poster covering it. I ran towards the first one and saw a CCTV on the entrace so I didn't go in. The wall-e poster was blown by a wind and I could see a car ,I think it was T.koh's car, wrapped up in the line saying "Police line, Do not cross" all over the car.
So I ran again, and while running ,I look up the railing and saw many teachers that were clones watching me.
I ran toward the main exit thinking " I never thought of the main exit!"
The main exit was open.
Then I woke up.

What a dream. Showing how stalky teachers can be.

Dream on?

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The daily bugle

-Samuel-Chocolates- says: (12:40:17 PM)
inspector david!
-Samuel-Chocolates- says: (12:40:19 PM)
-Samuel-Chocolates- says: (12:40:26 PM)
Some one squash my tomato!
-Samuel-Chocolates- says: (12:40:30 PM)
find the culprit!
Inspector David says: (12:40:36 PM)
Inspector David says: (12:40:45 PM)
it is just a tomato
Inspector David says: (12:40:49 PM)
now..fix mouse

This is my friend David.
He's an inspector.
He became an inspector to
find who murdered his brother.
And his parents died of AIDS.
His sister died of the common flu.
His cousins left him,
because he lost an index finger.
But under the way he treated me like just a tomato.
I know he felt pain deep inside.
A pain, that only a tomato could feel.
I knew that, his heart was red and plump
Just like tomato.
Big juicy tomato.
And once squashed, become red juice,
like blood.

inspect on!

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The not so daily bugle.

Heloo, Took me long enough to update this.

I head a song , called My heroine -silverstein.
The sreamo sounds like a guy vomiting really badly.

I can't wait for the holidays.
Its like time is relaxing and not doing its work now.
Waiting is irritating , i've got alot alot alot of things I hope i can manage.

The october 3rd , 7,000 audience performance is confirmed ;)
Watch me ! no , its not free ofcourse. And if you come, don't blame me if I wasted your time xD.

Alright, Breaktimes in school , are getting weirder and weirder and weirder everyday.
Thanks to two perverted freaks slapping the window at girls and guys .
Thanks to pushing weird people .
Thanks to little emma for pointing at people and saying "oi!"

These days I can't sleep properly. I wake up like every two hours. And sleep 3 hours later I lie in bed.
Our used to be not so acoustic video because I used an electric guitar. The owner said, we're going to make and acoustic cover with an electric. Something wrong.
By the way, its our first best video, and we're a new band . So no complaints. Any complaints would be converted into advices.

So boring, I've got nothing to say.Since I made this blog, i've got to keep it going.

My package will receive a package (: