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Come back-daily bugle

Hey guys, its been three weeks since I touched my computer. I feel I forgot how to use the computer , and now I feel like a genius.

Inactivity has brought this blog down.

Well , last week , The Classroom PRoject only manage to record The Great Escape. It wasnt perfect and it's a bit scratchy off beat. Well all the other songs got cut half way through, and we wasted $43 dollars on plain fun .

So me and kelvin did a retake on sunday. Acoustic covers. Thunder and the great escape. It turned out great. Just a little slow on the rhythm.

Now the problem is, including Matthew and Derrick for marks.

So tiring.

Today, In piano lessons, I got a chance to play in front of 7,000 - 8,000 people in brunei.
You might think "Owh its the classic shit , boring"
I'm going to be the first rock pianist in Brunei. Slamming and dancing while playing the piano.
No classic shit.

Of all times. Now i'm waiting for my audition short list. Wonder if I get it or not.

My studies are getting offcourse now, my marks in test are getting lower and lower. Need to concentrate. I don't want to go in to the 5 year stream If I don't get that scholarship.

No pressure.

Lots and lots of things going on. Busy month.
I can't wait for saturday to pass. early dismissal and good food. I'm not taking an advantage of the religion xD.

rock on,
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The daily bugle

This week was eventful. Maybe not really eventful , but two days of fun since to be enough in a week.

MY ORALS! Time to shout. English + BM. The talking part isn't the fun bit, its the rest of the time.

Well I woke at 5.30 to get ready but then I reached school late.
Odd enough. Theres too much to upload, I'll just Upload the one I like.

*nobody was drunk in the making of the photos*

mix it all up...

...and drink yousof!It taste kinda good actually.

I like this one.Boys of 8B

double-oh-shamala. kelvin Bond

Don't lean there, thats my spot.

the laugh of the week.

Orang gila makan nasi.

poor girl, getting hit by a guy

Ninja sakai.

Yousof raping si sakai

what a painful sight

Who would take a ten dollar note
and stapler it to the wall
with the label sample?
its fake by the way.

Dave pointing at , orang sakai?

not complete

I'm too lazy and its too lagging to post the other pictures. See them in face book. If the upload works of course. Its still uploading now.

gotta be a little bit more patient.

One of the boys of 8B

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Re:Please do

I'm here posting with my phone to just relay a message. Im going to say your name.Lyana, i havent gone mad or wrong and i never will be.When things start to become hard,youve gotto learn to confront it.But dont worry,Im not going any where,ill be here when you need me.And pleasee ,do stop worrying and cryin,I''ll do that for you :-] -samuel

This was last year. I'm posting this again this year.

I'm here posting this again.

Dear Ms.Tough,
Lyana, We havent gone mad or wrong and we never will be.When things start to become hard,youve gotto learn to confront it.But dont worry,We;re not going any where,we'll be here when you need US.And pleasee ,do stop worrying and cryin,We''ll do that for you :-] -samuel & sheena & Every one else that cares for you =D