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The Daily Bugle

And when the world comes down,
I shall have a tea party
with King Julian.

I owe someone a post. You shall be listed at the bottom. The person that always goes before I get to say BYE. And today is one perfect example.

Before I get to the point of the post, Let me tell you the point of the post.

Is that right?

Facebook uploader is slow.
Really slow.

One insight info
There's this scholarship for Musically talented boys. My parents are enrolling me in.
And if I work hard enough I'll be the only one in one thousand boys to get a free scholarship to Newington College in Australia,Sidney.
I hope I make it.
I want to make it.
I want that scholarship.
I will get that scholarship.
If not then try again next year .

And once king Julian,
Finished his tea
He'll go
wee wee.

Its a rotten rhyme.

The point of this post is My 13th birthday. Which "birth-ed" a few days ago....
In Fratini!

Drinks cost $10 for one small cup.
Pizza's aren't professionally made.
Things cost way more then they should.
They don' cover "over expensive" Insurance.

It sucks.
Luckily I found my
key chain where I
lost it.

No, thats not my cake. I wouldn't chose Barbie.
I prefer Cinderella.
I bought my CHOCOLATE CAKE (not cinderella)
In this shop.
Find out your self,
You saw barbie right?

The top picture is Img_181.

My awfully small
cup of
hot chocolate.

Philippine made.

"We sell only the finest
drugs at Fratini's"


I didn't take this one.
Don't call me vain.
Melody took it while returning the phone to me.

The girl who cried prank call.


she went crazy

Pity prankcaller.

How empty it is.

Finally its done.

Lyana, I promised you. darling
Darling ,I loveyousomuch.

And its done!
Lyana,If you're looking for something try doing something with your moust.

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The Daily Bugle

The daily bugle....... The party you call , is currently typing this , please try again later. thank you.

So readers, register NOW!!! You're doing me a favor if you did.
My dad created this "School Life" Category for subrscribers to post in, and only THAT category.

My dad's crazy. That's why he rocks.

This is the daily bugle.......The party you call, is currently unreachable,please try again later.

If the toll of swine flu reaches more than 1000 I'm not going to school till its over.
lets hope in doesn't happen.

Nothing else. This is a method to kill time. Kill it, smash it, hurt it, violate it, dot dot dot.


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The Daily bugle

Here comes your daily edition of the daily bugle. Not daily because I have to go to school and time don't always fit.

Do me one favour:
Just go to this site and register. Its my site actually. Once you register . THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

My dad is suggesting one thing to me.
He MIGHT make a category for you guys who registered to post in my site. But ONLY that category. You are restricted to only THAT category.
(coz' its my site)
7)SPREAD THE WORD meaning make it popular. Why? Coz my dad will skin me if I don't promote the site.

Please click register if you abide to the terms and regulation of my site . Thank you.


Only say your welcome if you DID register okay?

Yes that's the one thing I should say.

And it was report day a few days a go.Two to be exact.
My average is 82. I've gone through worst.

I failed my mandarin.

I studied, I cheated and FAILED. Mandarin not included when you say I'm smart. And please think before you call me smart.

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Evening Edition

The god for saken evening edition posts as fortold.

How to prank call like a pro

All of you guys(male) out there suck at prank calling. Do you guys know why? Because a 10 year old girl can do it better than all of you! Including me. Whose that 10 year old girl? She's my little sister, in primary 5 at Jangsak now.

She prank called RTB 6 times. Prank means joke and she called RTB for fun. RTB 's Pilihan Fm to be exact. Which channel is that? Its 95.9.

She called 6 times and swore once. It went " Hello, you stupid idiot fucking bitch , you should die.
Then she hung up immediately. The DJ then said " Remember ,little kids shouldn't swear. "

So guys , don't let my sister own you. Yousof learnt it . You should too.

This note is meant for ALL guys only. No girls are involved except my sister.

I like this new font.
Its called "Trebuchet"
If you are wondering.
Don't you think its nice?


The classic Page

If you are bored with your noisy techno songs, your tiring oldies, your headbanging rock, your hip hopping hip hop, your jumpy pop and your shiny heavy metal.


As simple as that. You don't have to intentionally go and find new artistes or new songs for your favourite artistes.

What classical songs?
L.V.Beethoven - Symphony No7 Movement 2 *****
L.V.Beethoven- Moonlight sonata movement 1-3 *****
Gershwin-Rhapsody In Blue *****

Those are nice. Now who said classical is crap?

And your evening edition concludes here. Where all is said, where all is thought and where all is shouted out in an unruly manner.

smashes and run,

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The evening edition

Hey all of you . Yes I'm talking to you. Its my second post today. I'm bored after this person went offline. If you can guess who. Seriously Dangerously bored. I could pass out any second.

So I added a picture in this blog. I'm not going to tell you were, just find it. Its not like your mom is always there to show you the way to the toilet in restaurants . Or is she?

Today school reopens. Now what I'm worried is the missed out classwork , homeworks and exam papers. The teachers are going to ask you for a good reason to miss out school and Imissschoolalittlebit If you say you don't want to die they'll obviously kick you out of the class room. What I hate to see is hayati scolding people for fun. I hate her. I hate her guts.
^---- fucking bitch
And we speak less about what we hate. Would you want to keep talking about what you hate? Ofcourse not. So less keep her in the mental asylum for grade 5 cycopaths and move on to the next topic.

I have piano lessons tomorrow. At one pm . That's for skipping school. Also because I missed out one lesson .


Welcome to the Classic time. That's why I'm using this font. No , not because its classic time because I'm lazy to change it to Arial. Its a nice font.

Who says classic is gay or nerdy or it plain sucks or anything bad about it.
Not all classic songs are that way. SOME , I repeat some are.
I mean look at Beethoven, he's well known for his headbangings.
If electric guitars were invented in 1770 he would be the best rocker on earth that lived.
Mostly because of his headbangings.
well forget about him.

Beethoven- Symphony No 7 Movement 2 Allegretto

The best song I've heard.
Used in the movie knowing and immortal beloved.

Makes you think of the autumn and mass destruction.


bang on

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The Daily Bugle

School's reopened and swineflu is still going around. I'm not going to school for half a week. So its till wednesday I'm going.

I've watched the movie Angels and Demons and its a nice movie. Its nice for people who like mysteries and all. I rate this 4/5 stars.

Holidays have never been so boring, I'm just doing this because I'm bored. Very bored. And also to keep this blog updated.

I've nothing else to talk about .

Its this short. Short isn't it?
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FINALLY! It works. I forgot what I clicked. Now after a few weeks of inactivity. I finally can post again?


Canada's National Celebration , the most interesting for me.

Nothing else asides from that.

School's closed down because of that and now my parents are forcing me to study when I usually don't. Screw Flu. All flu. Bird flu, common flu and FLU!!!!

A post without pictures. A few days ago my sister's birthday past.
She celebrate in Pizza Hut.
I'm fond of colors now. But my favourite is still Black and White.

Be sure to visit my website www.samcho.net . Heres one reason why: My kiddy pictures are there. You want them , visit!

I'm not touching my guitar for a month. Since June 26. Today is July 4 and its 1 week only.

Holidays are now boring. But this year end we're going KK AGAIN. Its fun tho , different people different experience. This time we have a strategy. We're going to stay up the mountain longer , its fun in the mountain and relaxing, and we don't have to keep going out and the time stays there longer.

This update has reach its limit. The writer may no longer post any longer. He may leave his signature