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Long times

Finally, I've the right browser on this super old computer to update my blog.

And my darn computer isn't fixed yet. Anyways I got used to this computer anyways.

And this holiday?
DAMN BORING. no swearing allowed so just used damn. Well it really IS boring. All these times nothing to do, repeating same things also gets boring. I finished a whole game on xbox so now there's no other fun games to play.

Well atleast I got this browser and its called : MOZILLA FIREFOX
I don't know why this computer don't have it a long time ago. Now then have.

Its very old , the old model Imac. Its not the mac problem . Mac (Y). Browser thumbs down.

And my dad has launched my site officially. Now I have two blogs two keep track of. The new one is for music business. I'll use this one for evryday life.

papa roach-Hollywood whore

The best song i've heard . Its not that rock. Its good for tender ears. And its great! the song rocks! Literally. well not that hard.

My sheraton Canda's day is coming soon. Next week saturday June 27. Right before may's Birthday.
I've to wear formal. Like tuxy formal.

The game i've finished is calle prototype.
Well if you finish it , it'll be boring of course, you've become a pro.

So many things to say in a day. Why?

This month is ending , And i haven't see you lyana!
Time is running, before I go mad. I wont stop.

Never stop
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Our exams
It took two long weeks to finish it.
and we MADE IT.
And what's a post without photos?
Here are the photos
It isn't in order and the story comes first.
So there's monday to thursday to tell you about our bedtime story,
First monday nothing much.
Tuesday is art.
Theres this question:perspective is can be from different points. true or false?
It was weird. Anyway a 60 year old guy is making the papers so poor english is excused.
then Wednesday.
Wednesday commerce and MIB. I drew a alot of I hate hayati on a piece of paper.
BECAUSE i HATE her thats why.
And today.
We played guitar. With phoom,kritsana and kelvin.
Phoom: mute the guitar and strums repeatedly like crazy
kritsana:Make cool solos
Kelvin:snatches guitar in the middle of a song and says"do you know this song . its......"

It was fun.

I have something to say.


you owe some one a sorry. Now if you don't say it. You're gona get what you need.
DO YOU UNDERSTAND ****** ******! .

What a piss off.
A guy should say sorry to a girl.
And here come the pictures!

What a cute guy eh?

well during the chinese exams i took these photos

this was when the teacher wasn't looking.

T,ajees the model.
4ft tall model.

steven sakai

them chinese idiots

then after chinese exams, i played guitar ofcourse .

Qawiem, trying to learn.
He's okay for a beginner

where's my nose?
I can't see my nose.

a can of redbull in the toilet.

I like this one. It looks like its gona rain
but when i took it it's very sunny

I didn't flip this one.
Anyway sajid sakai.

First you do this
Then you do that.

I didn't flip this either.
Kelvin running away from the Camera.

Derrick and matthew looking at
their exam papers.
I wonder what they got.

Yeah thats all here.
its fun today. Not really much of a last day. BUT it was fun.
All right guys happy hols!
Can't wait to see my results

happy holidays


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Old memories.

Acknowledgements . seebah for all these pictures. More to come as the exams finish.

Our class studying. Except for the group at the back. Who needs to study when the teacher's not around?

Kelvin. Always caught doing something weird. Kelvin, if you're reading this by weird , I mean weird in a good way. Pictures would be nicer with you in it.

Matthew and yousof talking. Then seebah came in and called them gay,

Me and matthew stealing the ball. Kelvin's arm around qawiem's head. Kelvin's saying something weird the time. See my black and white stuff?

Yousof and matthew cornered in the wall. Kelvin was in it before.

This was taken last year after the exams. Still its up here . Read the title of this post.

I don't know about this one.

Me and matthew comparing hand width. kelvin stretching out in the back saying "I'm not talking to you, You're Crazy"

Firdaus and faiz. No caption

Photos taken by:SEEBAH!


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Another sunday

They're four more days till the end of the exams. Tomorow is geography. A subject that's useless in life. Why do we even go to school to study history and geography??

Today is a very very VERY boring day. Nothing to do at all. its because of the EXAMS.

I study geography. Just take a look and scratch.

Then we play music . A little bit of violin, piano and guitar.

This is melody playing the violin. I can play a little bit. Just a little bit. its not that hard.

I was so bored I took a picture of my shoes. All sneakers by the way.
From left to right
Casual nikes, a pair of black sneakers, and a pair of white adidas sneakers.
Why all sneakers?
I don't know, Because I like?I have more. Only its not on the rack. Its on the other rack. A pair of blue sneakers and a pair of camo adidas sneakers.

Well right now I'm having time to use this shitty computer as my computer BROKE down.
Very slow speed. May is so bored she is using paint to draw a mobile phone.
Thats how bored a sunday afternoon is during exams!


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One more week!

Today's Exam is history. How was it you would ask? I say 80/20. Easy but challenging.

Who invigilated us? T.Agerico did. And sajid was insulting him. And yousof was like "Shhhh'"
After that I stole Qawiem's pen cap and he licked the table and his exam papers. 
On wednesday it was english. It was pretty boring because it was easy. Very easy. Then I drew this 25  26 ways to die violently comic. I would have post it up here but it ripped. 

Now I have sweet time to use the computer but one week left to go for the *sensored* exams to pass by. Yeah. Why does the school need so long to carry out exams? My sister is done this saturday and we have one WHOLE week left . 

Anyways qawiem and kelvin were disturbing girls just now. Now I see how fun it was. Eventhough I just watched . They were in the corridor slapping the window then girls looked it and they would crouch and hide. Just a little stress relief I would think. 

Now exams days are so boring. But the aftermath of naughty classmates makes it funny.

Maths on saturday. Let see what kind of new inspiration I'll get. 

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< Last night I went out to eat. Why ? Because it was a Sunday . Thats why.
Where I eat?  I won't tell. Its an indian restaurant. Let you guess. Look at this pictures

What what wah where??
Ooooo fishy
Now here's the Irony, It's an indian restaurant and there was this table which has indian instruments on it , the sitar the drums and small pocket piano and flute then there was a violin with broken strings on it. Is that indian? Is it even proper to have it's strings broken?

The mirror, very very.....very indian. 
After dinner we went to a shop. I don't know what shop because I didn't see the header. But I bought something. I bought a black and white wrist band.
Nike ; Stand up Speak up. 
Funny name.