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First day of exams!

The first day of exams. It was science. It was easy. For me. 

The practical I got the safest and easiest question of all. Q no 10. Its labeling the parts of a flower. 
I finished and watch Qawiem perform in a circus. He didn't know how to do anything. It was funny.

Then during break Me,Matthew,Kelvin ,Derick and sajid got in trouble for hanging in our usual tree. Punishment? Not able to go out to break for the exams days. ==' yeah that'll work. 

Then the exams , it was easy. What did I do after answering all the questions?

Kelvin drawn in the pose when he gets frustrated and crosses his arms then lean back and pouting. Pure inspiration struck during an outbreak of boredom. Well everyone was bored. 

First day was weird and funny.

Kill boredom,
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The last saturday of the week

Next week on saturday May 30 is the start of exams. So yesterday was the last saturday of the week and this month to have fun in school.So what did I do yesterday to enjoy the saturday?

When I came it was early. It was for chinese class. So I waited and waited. Then our class open we go in. 

T.Hayati came in our class. The stupid hayati. Her husband is too old for her. He looks like her dad.

Everyone came yeah.

Then the first subject was History. T.Irish was in  a good mood. Strangely good mood. Even when she scolded and shouted she still smiled. Like never before she smiled when she shouted.It was thirty minutes .

Then came T. Shamala for english. Nothing much here.

Then it was maths time. T.Lai was also in a good mood. But still nothing much.

Then break. I've never described school days this detailed before but it was the last saturday of the week and month . 

Then it was Science
The most interesting. T.susie as usual was explaining stuff to herself and the whiteboard. None of us actually go and listen because it was dull. Then Kelvin asked for candy from sophia and started disturbing her. After disturbing her , kelvin stopped. Well we all disturbed her. When we did our work Sophia was staring at us. We didn't know who. Then me , matthew and kelvin talked suspiciously. She thought we were talking about her . So she made a weird face. Then I made the same face again then Kelvin did A trick. He pulled imaginary moustache from his face. Then me and matthew made him laugh . So  I immitated Sophia again then Kelvin ,while pulling his moustache, spat then laugh by accident. Then we all laugh till our stomach hurts. Its just funny to us. Maybe not to you. 

I went looking for colour pencil because of the darned art test. But it went well. We draw coconut. I borrowed colour from Sheena.

Thats it. The last saturday of the month to have fun. Filled with laughter. Thats is to us 

The last saturday
Keep laughing

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Let see . Studies. Music is being studied, doesn't that count as studies? 

Today I went to Expression Music school and saw a girl named Ruby. A relative of mine . I dunno how old she is but she's a little girl. So I went in to the class room/ office, then teacher said there was this Canada's National Day on June 27 and I was suppose to be there performing. The first opportunity. I've been only here for four months and I'm on the road already. But the thing was I had to wear formal , as in tuxedo formal. The problem is I don't have tux's to wear. Well a sleeveless manager coat and a white polo should do. 

Then today I studied maths. For 30 minutes. Then suddenly I started writing with  my left hand. So I used most of the time of it to write. Well now I can write with my left hand. Its better  than revising what you already know. I also tried signing with me left hand . It was art . 

Keep writing!

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Weeks to come

Yousof! Happy birthday dude. Have fun at KFC and even if its your birthday don't eat too much. After all the hard times and twisties we've been through , have a very happy 13th birthday. 

Many birthdays fall on the month of may.
Today is one of the day.
Two day's ago was also.
The month of may is very eventful,
and as for the cursed exams 
they also fall on the month of may.
All I can say is

I hate T.Hayati. She's the teacher I hate most in  the school. Not the normal hate like you hate your teachers. I hate this teacher until I think she should quit her job or just die. I hate commerce . I hate T.Hayati. If you're reading this I HATE YOU. You've had enough or we've had enough. Think about it.
I hate you
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Birthday Tribute

Today (16/5/2009) is Lyana's Birthday!

Growing one year older as each year past by. Happy Birthday Lyana!

Lets hope you enjoy your time without friends in pizza hut. I'm sure you'll. Take lots of pictures ahh. Don't come back without pictures. And yet again goodluck for you exams.

Happy birthday,
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Exams are coming. I don't have enough time to make any random large text here because of this computer so SMS exams are damn long.

This week is an uneventful week except for tuesday.

Tuesday-Sajids and Ghah's bday

Pizza all gone. I didn't eat. Only cake. I finish the cake then someone gave me a spoon.

T.Hayati ate three pizzas when she wasn't invited. Isn't that unfair? The party was short and fun . Nothing really much to describe.

Yeah pretty much the end.This blog won't be updated for until further notice.
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The weekends

Hey guys I've my own site ,my dad made it for me . samcho.net. Its under construction so don't expect anything nice.

So my parents are going to Singapore and their flight is 4.00. But unfortunately it is delayed till 6.45. Its today. Today I went to commerce class and stayed in my cousins house since my parents are not here. I'll be going back on Sunday.

So its gona be a long weekend.