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Since I have two more of my childhood photos I'll
upload one of my family's photo.

Me flying a  kite 
in pink?
I like this picture. 

Photo taken by my cousin.
Chiang a photographer in training
First row left to right:
My elder sister,My dad,My mom and melody.
Back row left to right:
May and me.

Flash up.
Play on!
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What happened yesterday? 
My recital/rehearsal was great. It turned out that I did a good job.
It wasn't much of day.

Today was hell of a day. Hell of a Weird day.

Today during history I did nothing. I receive my test paper. Then at the back we're talking.
T.Irish: "Samuel do your corrections!(co-rrec-shons)Whats your score?"

I replied"100"
"Then kelvin whats your score?"
Kelvin replied: "100 teacher!"
T.Irish:"Are you sure?"
Yousof:"No Teacher!He got 96.666."
T.Irish:"Bah then you do your corrections!(co-rrec-shons)"

It went like that. Not really interesting . 

Description:Not a really bad teacher. Just very short-tempered and is lazy to write notes on the board.Likes to give punishment to those people who are not involved in bad stuffs.

Then in maths it went on like this. We're doing examples then Teacher said what is 4-4?
You guys should know is 0. If you don't then shame on you. 
Firdaus said its 8. Can you get eight by subtracting four from four?? If you can , tell me. I would like to learn. Firdaus if you're reading this No offense .
My maths teacher is T.Lai. While doing revisions on ratios. She gave us direct proportions and indirect proportions. Thanks to her I have a very nice blog name.

Description: Very strict in a good way. A very good teacher. Teaches maths very clearly. Funny some times. Very fair like she said.

Then after that we said Sophia's unlucky day is Saturday. Last Saturday she got hit by a ball and she wasted 6 cans of drinks which are full. Then today she fell and blacked out and her nose bled. And her head hurts. 

I don't usually write about school.
Just that today was very weird.
Hell of a weird  day.
So I decided to write it down.
English, we had fun with the questions while Kelvin was busy doing his work in front.

Original:Many years  ago,people used to get their food from the forest , but now they buy their food from the supermarket.
Samuel:Many years ago, people used to get their food from the forest,but now they buy their food from  the internet.
Yousof:Backs his head ,squints his eyes, shows his teeth and said"What the hell?"

Original:Many years ago,people used to walk to visit their friends, but now they use cars.
Samuel:Many years ago,people used to walk to visit their friends, but now they teleport.
Yousof:Wahhhh. Eyh stupid. I wish I could do that. Later your friend taking a bath and you teleport there and say I'm here! your friend's gona freak out.

Original:Many years ago, people used to travel to foreign countries by boat, but now they use aeroplanes.
Samuel:Many years ago, people used to travel to foreign countries by boat, but now they ride on superman's back. Since superman existed already he'll give you a free ride without your passport.
Yousof :Many years ago, people used to travel to foreign countries by boat,but now they swim. 
O_o Eyh stupid.

Original:Many years ago, people used to send messages with smoke signals, but now they use telephones.
Samuel:Many years ago,people used to send messages with smoke signals, but now they read minds.
Yousof:O_o what the hell?

Original:Many years ago people used to live together in big families, but now they live in small families. 
Samuel: Many years ago people used to live together in big families, but now they live in armies.
Yousof: HAHAH.

Thats all of it

In science Qawiem was playing with the light bulb. He stuffed the bulb in to his nose and Ghazi light it up.
Qawiem also put it in his mouth.
It was so funny . His nose and mouth lighted up.
I made a poem for him

"A sky without stars
Is like
Qawiem without a light bulb
in his nose"
"Your nose shine like the moonlit sky in the night"

Thats about it .  

Turn it up,
Play on!

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Childhood pictures

Hey these are my childhood photos. Requested by Yousof. 

The first month of my life
The first year in this awesome world

The second year of my life
My third year of this awesome world


First year in school,
kindergarten of course,
Nice buttoned properly necktie,
Nice black shoes,
Nice big bag,
Nice uniform,
awesome world.

The world is just awesome,
play on,

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Wish me luck

Today is the day I prove myself. 
   I started learning piano in expression a few months ago , maybe january. 

I went for an audition to study music the first time in my life and I scored grade 4.

So I studied and studied hard. Apparently teacher said  I was unique because I could remember 

anything I play. Teacher sent my playings to the national music society. Teacher picked me for 

recitals for 10 songs. Teacher let me play in Sheraton in the next month. Thats the story

The challenge:
For the first time in my life I'm going to a piano recital rehearsal. 

So if this is good I'll have much much more coming soon. 

Well this is not so interesting for you guys because you guys would obviously have gone through this but this is my first time. 

So what happened today??

10.30:- I went for commerce class . With a guitar . Then we studied about the ledger stuff. 
              T.Hayati is very very darnish stupid. 

Name :T.Hayati
Self important, money faced, non-caring  teacher.

           Then when commerce was done we had to go salam her.

 Then me and kelvin played                   guitar. 

We played thunder and I sang. It was nice.

 Then Kelvin went home Then i           
           played with Phoom then I had to go home. 

For the rehearsal later?
Just wish me luck.
It should be good.
I won't worry.
                                                         Play on,
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Hey guys this is the second blog for me.
I deleted the old one cause it was getting dull and dead.
The past posts weren't backed up and there are lots of events that past by without notice so here's  a recap on this week's events.

Thursday,16 april
We had a trip to the Rizqun hotel which was changed to the mall.
I had to wake up early and prepare lots of things. 
I went to school then we took the bus to the mall. Then the exhibition is really dull but then we had to know china's history. I went back to school then we went to Sheena's house. Me ,Bernie and Kelvin went to tapau at mamih. Then we went back to sheena's house.
We then eat. Then we play for a while. Then go back to school. After school I went back to Sheena's house to get back my phone. I also went to neoclassic to wait  for someone but didn;t turn up. End of the day.

Friday, 17 april
We had commerce extra class and i brought my guitar.Me and Kelvin went in to the class and the first thing I heard was "Show-off!". I'm not show off lar it was for practice. That person I know one lar so I expected it . Then we studied ledger in commerce class. It was confusing cause got account this and that and left and right. Then after commerce class I went down and played guitar with Kelvin on the school's podium. The first song was Sugar we're going down. It was nice. Then Kelvin played with John and I sang. Then half way to the song John started to tune the guitar and the song stopped. Then we tried again. Then kelvin went home and a form 3 guy came and borrowed my guitar. They played really old songs. Then i went home at 12.30. 
End of the day

Saturday,18 april
It was uneventful until the last subject.
Before art was science and Sofiah was holding two suci bottles and two peach tea cans on her head. Not all at once lar it came one after another . Then T.Sulaiman came and made fun of sofiah. Then we started  making fun of Sofiah and laughed so hard. At the end of the day Sofiah thought I'm european O_o. 
End of the day
Thats all in one week. Very uneventfull.