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The strength to carry on

You need not be a river
to carve the grand canyon.
You need not be the assailant
to break free from pinion.

Condemn not yourself for living alive
for the varied reason you choose to die.
Think not solely of yourself, there are
others who wish to see your smile.
Do not look left at how far,
but look you've come how far.

All you need is a beating heart,
lungs that breath in healthy air,
eyes that see and can fix a stare,
ears that can listen to works of art,
skin that empowers your body and soul.

All you need is a will to live,
and you will live to decipher all quandary.

Remember the clouds above still sail,
the ground below you still shifts.
The heart within you still beats,
the strength within you still lifts.

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This is a survey related to the usage of the internet. Our group would forever be grateful if you take ten minutes to fill up this form! Take it as a personality quiz. We all know that it sucks when you have your project played around with. So please answer the following questions completely! :D

Your first APR results 2012







Age :


Level :

When do you usually use the internet? (In school, at home, etc)

About how many hours do you spend on the internet each day?

Less than an hour 1-3 hours a day Above 4 hours a day

What do you usually do on the internet?

Online Gaming

Social Networking (Twitter/Facebook/skype/etc)

Shopping (Or atleast window shopping)

On Youtube

Facts & Comics (Spartz network/9Gag/Wikipedia/etc)

Others. Please state :

Do you think you are addicted to the internet?

Why do you think so?

For the following statements below, please select one option you think suits you best.

i)Tomorrow is Sunday,I've tons of H/W due on monday!I'll complete them tomorrow and stay up late tonight anyways!

I do this often

I do this

I do this rarely

I don't do this at all

ii)I study with the computer on and end up not studying anyways!

I do this often

I do this

I do this rarely

I don't do this at all

iii)I tell myself to study but when I take a break and use the internet, I forget about schoolwork.

I do this often

I do this

I do this rarely

I don't do this at all

iv)I tell myself only to use the internet for an hour, but end up using more.

I do this often

I do this

I do this rarely

I don't do this at all

v)I study but have a strong itch to use the internet.

I do this often

I do this

I do this rarely

I don't do this at all


I'll do this later

*30 Minutes Later*

I'll do this later

*an hour later*

I'll do this later

*two hours later*

I'll just do this tomorrow

I do this often

I do this

I do this rarely

I don't do this at all

Do you think people would have better school results if the internet was limited?

Why do you think so?

Thank you for taking up your time to fill up this survey. We are forever in your debt! Here is a little entertaining video for your kind deed.

Click here! :D


Copyright 2012 © Patricia Chong, Yap Chun wee and Samuel Cho, Sociology L.3 Survey Project

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I may or may not delete this blog,
it all depends on how I feel,
however if you think I'm a snob,
then I'm sorry you judge by the reel.
All my thoughts are muddled in a fog,
as muddled as it is, I've written it down!
By and by I've found it again,
and oh boy it gave me a frown.
Looking back at all my pain,
seems like now I deserve a crown,
then yet again no pain no gain,
I'll change myself this time around.

What you read before this post,
is definitely true,
but what's past is past,
so just let it through.
I'm not who I was,
I don't need to convince you,
Now if only just...
oh never mind it's cool.

Evidence are there but it may stay there,
you can read it most everywhere,
it's expired, dead oh useless I say! 
So if you're my true friend, you would stay.
This blog is based on indirect proportions,
it's corrupted, profane, obscene and disgusting,
so if you would read, read on with caution,
because this blog is definitely not for reading.

Oh how ashamed I am of myself,
it seems like I was such a fool,
then again teenagers are clowns,
so please there is no unwritten rule.

Judge me if you may,
but that's no longer me,
this is the last I'd say,
before I set you free.

Thank you

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Daily Bugle: Qualfyings

Tomorrow is the first day of the Qualifying exams (for those not taking A maths and Economics). Its BM and Maths Exams. I'm fucking worried.

I've been practicing everyday in my maths past year paper. When I check them, I keep getting wrong answers and a hell load of mistakes! I never reach above 70% and  this depresses me. I'm so doomed if I keep this up.

Oh wells, Good luck to everyone.

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What celebrity would play you in the movie version of your life?


Come on, ask me something xD

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Evening Edition: The Incomplete Biography of Sammie Cho.

I’m born in to this world to grow up in a not-so-musical family. Like everybody else, I went to school, I played, I read books, I cried. I was an ordinary kid. There was something about me though; I was a person who was musically illiterate for so long. Just because you played piano, it doesn’t mean you aren’t music illiterate.
Before the age of 12, my Primary school taught basic music theory, which I hated. We learnt note names and the basic structure of musical notation. At the age of 9, my mom would teach me piano everyday with a broken keyboard whose speakers only lasted about half an hour. My mother used to be educated in piano, but she has stopped for a very long time.
She made me play the keyboard everyday and I found no joy in a broken toy. It was absolutely boring and I thought I never wanted to touch it again. But either ways, because of that, I still knew what the piano keyboard was like. And so my mother stopped having me to practice what I didn’t enjoy and I stopped for about two years, occasionally playing it for the sake of ridiculing the poor condition of the keyboard.
When I was induced in to secondary school, it was the turning point of my life. The nerdy, introverted, shy and quiet, musically oblivious and very not cool Sam was about to change in the following years. I haven’t played piano for two years already.
It was my first few sets of friends, my classmates that introduced music to me. Here’s the story.
One night, I was listening to the local station and the song ‘Apologize’ by One Republic was being played. I loved the song for the piano and I asked my mother what the title was. Being equally musically oblivious, my mother said ‘Justin Timberlake’. It quickly became my favorite song. When my new friends, Kelvin and Yousof, told me that it wasn’t by Justin Timberlake, but by One Republic. I couldn’t believe it! That day, I quickly went home and searched it up. Along with the proper title, I found the sheet music to the song and a few piano covers on the Internet.
I dished out the ridiculous keyboard and tried it out. Everyday I kept trying to relearn what I’ve known and kept trying to play it. A few weeks later, I got it! Seeing this, my parents decided to buy a better keyboard. It still had no brand but was acceptable. From that day, I searched for famous pop songs and looked for the sheet music to learn. I’ve probably learned a lot already. I told my parents I wanted to learn piano and they decided on it.
Before buying me a real piano, they bought me an electric piano. A yamaha Clavinova as it was called. With new equipment, I improved a lot and my parents, seemingly musically unable to tutor me, sent for what was to be called an Audition in Expression music school.
So the day came for the audition and I was in the office of a woman by the name of Lily Chiam. Her daughter, sitting near the piano mumbling a lot of things I could not have understood yet. I was only 12. I played for her my favorite song, Apologize. She told me I had the potential and she had put me in Grade 4. She corrected every single thing I’ve learnt by myself and with that, I began to play better, and better, and better with each passing day.
That was officially the day; I started playing the Piano and not the keyboard.
I found love in music and playing the piano and all I wanted to do was play the piano. But of course, being the kid I am, I sometimes am admittedly too lazy to practice.
At the age of 14, I completed grade 8 piano exams with Trinity Guildhall with a distinction. It was a record, two years of piano studies to achieve a piano grade 8.
My story is not complete; this was only my baby step to playing the piano. What is to come is far bigger and my journey has yet to start. I know the risks of a musical career and I know how difficult it is. I’m already ready to face the risks mentally.
This is how I’ve come to play the piano.
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Evening Edition: LIST

 I some how decided to post a list of my favorite musics. And it's quite alot. -Sam

Vocalise in E flat minor
Cello Sonata Op 19
Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini Op.43
Piano Concerto No.1
Piano Concerto No.3 Op.30
Russian Rhapsody

Etude Op8 -5 , Op8-3, op8-6 Op8-12

Song without words Op 19-1, Op19-5, Op19-6
Piano Concerto No.1
Piano Concerto No.2
Scherzo in E minor
A midsummer's night dream, The wedding march

Violin concerto
Intermezzo Op.118-1 , Op.118-2
Rhapsody G minor Op79-2
Rhapsody G minor Op118-3
Piano Concerto No.2
Rhapsody on A theme by paganini Op.35

Street Tango
Adios nonino
Invierno Porteno

Toccata in E minor
Sicilliene BWV 1031
Prelude  and Fugue no 2 BWV 847
Prelude and Fugure no 6 BWV 851

Sonata No.8 Op13 'Pathetique'
Sonata No.14 Op.27-2 'Moonlight
Sonata No.17 Op.31 'The Tempest'
Sonata No.32 Op.53 'Waldstein'
Sonata no.23 Op.57 'appassionata'
Symphony No.7 op.92
Piano Concerto No.3

Piano Concerto No.1
Violin Concerto in D major
Sleeping Beauty
Swan lake
March of the Nutcracker
Sugar plum Fairy
Barcarole Op37-6

Clair De lune,
Petite Suite
La fille aux cheveux de lin

Hungarian Rhapsody 2
Consolation 3
Liebestraume 3
La Campanella
Transcendental Etude S 139-2
Piano Concerto 2
Mephisto Waltz No1

Impromptu D899 Op90-3 , Op90-4
Impromptu D935 Op142-2

Symphony 9

piano Concerto No 20 K466
Piano Concerto No 23 K488
Sonata for 2 Pianos K448
Ah Vous Dirai Je maman
Sonata in D k 284
Symphony No.40 K550
Piano Sonata in A k331
queen of the night aria

Elegy op24
Nocturne no1 op33-1

An american in paris
Rhapsody in Blue
3 preludes for the piano
Piano Concerto in F
Introduction and Rondo Op.151-4

Piano Concerto in A minor
Nocturne Op.54-4
To The Spring Op43-6
Wedding Day at Troldhaugen Op65-6

Ballade No1,2,3,4
Etude Op10-1 Op10-2 Op10-3 Op10-4 Op10-5 Op10-8 Op10-12
Etude Op25-2 Op25-5 Op25-6 Op25-9 Op25-10 Op25-11 Op25-12
Fantasie Improptu Op.66
Nocturne op9-1 Op9-2
nocturne No.20 in C # minor
Piano Concerto No1
Piano Concerto No2
Polonaise No.6 Op.53
Prelude op28-1 Op28-8 Op28-10  Op28-11 Op28-12 op28-16 op28-24
Sonata No 2 Op.35
Waltz in C sharp Minor
Andante Spianato et Grande Polonaise Brilliante Op 22
Scherzo No2 Op.31
Ronda A la Krakowiak Op.14
Berceuse in D flat major

Saint Saens
Carnival of the Animals

Je Te Veux
lere Gymnopedie

Caprice no.1 , 10

In the upper room
Violin Concerto

Melody in F op 3-1

Traumereei Op.15-7

Das Geisterschiff

On the Beautiful Blue Danube

Invitation to the Dance op.65
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Daily Bugle: A year older

Today,I turned 15. Well, not so special. 15 years ago my mother was in pain. I thank my parents for raising me up to this step and many more days to come.

Dave , Faddi and Jasilah shared the same birthday as me.

I'm really glad, some people actually remembered my birthday, WITHOUT facebook. While others don't remember my birthday. It's kind of a good way to separate good friends from just friends.

LEE . yesterday he gave me a bunch of chocolates, like he has always did. Today, he presented me with a Phillips light weight headphone. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all this time he tried to care. Honestly, I have nothing in return. I have no money, I have nothing , I just know how to play piano. So if you're reading this, thank you very much Lee.

SHEENA. She bought me edible gifts. Chocolates and Cola Drops. How magnificent.

CHARLENE. She got me a wrist bangle. A starry eccentric bangle. Excellent.

Gifts don't matter to me, what matters actually, is if you care or not.